Mitsubishi Wreckers Brisbane

Salisbury Wreckers, with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, have always been a top Mitsubishi wreckers Brisbane.

We have a huge stock of quality second auto parts and can deliver you from doors to engines at your doorstep. If you are looking for an auto part of high-quality, tested, and affordable, we most likely have it.

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    We Buy All Makes & Models Of Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi Wreckers Brisbane dismantles all makes and models of Mitsubishi. Look at some examples:

    • Mitsubishi Gallant GTO
    • Mitsubishi Grandees
    • Mitsubishi 360
    • Mitsubishi Armtek
    • Mitsubishi Adventure
    • Mitsubishi Charisma
    • Mitsubishi Celeste
    • Mitsubishi L 100
    • Mitsubishi L 200
    • Mitsubishi L 300
    • Mitsubishi Lancer
    • Mitsubishi Rodeo
    • Mitsubishi Jeep
    • Mitsubishi Henry J
    • Mitsubishi Pinero Junior
    • Mitsubishi Pinero Mini
    • Mitsubishi Sapporo
    • Mitsubishi Sarvin
    • Mitsubishi Scorpion
    • Mitsubishi Shogun Sport
    • Mitsubishi Shogun
    • Mitsubishi 11-F
    • Mitsubishi Colt 600
    • Mitsubishi Colt 800
    • Mitsubishi Colt 1000
    • Mitsubishi Colt 1100
    • Mitsubishi Colt 1100 F
    • Mitsubishi Colt 1200
    • Mitsubishi Colt 1500
    • Mitsubishi Colt Gallant
    • Mitsubishi Colt Rodeo
    • Mitsubishi Colt T120SS
    • Mitsubishi Cordial
    • Mitsubishi Debonair

    How We Wreck Cars In Brisbane?

    Our car wreckers Brisbane process is environment friendly. We are focused on salvaging every auto part that we can without damaging the planet we all live in.

    Right after we leave your place, we simply bring your vehicle to our scrap yard, where our expert team of car wreckers evaluates your vehicle to salvage all the parts that can be reused, resell, or recycle. All the remaining parts will be crushed.

    Mitsubishi Wreckers Brisbane

    We mostly look at the tires, the exhaust system, working parts in and around the engine, and, last of all, most precious metal. We carefully separate all these auto parts, clean them, and make sure that we get the best value out of them, thus giving more of that money to you.

    Our main aim is to follow all the standards of car recycling Brisbane and leaving a better planet for our future generations.

    We are professional car wreckers who make sure that there is no environmental harm caused while we wreck your car. Our team of car wreckers is striving hard to guard the ozone layer from more damages.

    We go green and protect every living being, even if it is a sea creature, by safely disposing of all the toxic fluids and liquids from your scrap car.

    What Makes Our Service Best?

    We have made scrap car removal Brisbane easier and quicker. For years, we are leading in the best service provider race because of offering you the top cash for cars.

    We have been around for decades servicing in Brisbane and have always strived to achieve what we promise. We have faith in our customers as they will be the walking advertisement for our services.

    Salisbury Wreckers is making life easier with instant cash for cars Brisbane and towing service that is absolutely free of cost. We will reach you anywhere you are at any time to tow your vehicle away.

    Even if you are stuck in the middle of the road with a broken-down car and you have no one in the surroundings to call, and you want to make some cash for scrap cars. Remember, we are just a call away.

    You can earn cash for cars Brisbane up to $9,999. Just let us know some basic details of your vehicle to sell your car today.